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Features - EEiL Biller:

The set of features from the present version's snapshot.

  • Centralized system operating procedure (SOP) across all the branches.
  • Save time with every invoice creation.
  • Minimize errors while creating invoices.
  • Accurate reporting over production.
  • Receive reports regularly in CSV format (Excel compatible).
  • With CSV reports, data can be copied out for further accounting systems with less effort.
  • With Customized reports, data can export directly to any further systems without modification.
  • Stay updated about production regularly via SMS production summary alerts.
  • Help you maintaining common reporting format irrespective of the Batching software type.
  • Audit Logs keeps you updated all the time on happenings.
  • Maintaining records are much easier.
  • Save cost over stationeries with multiple printer type choices.
  • Choices in database between MSAccess / MS SQL database. Can cut cost with any existing database.
  • Multiple data backup options assure data reliability.
  • Localization of Tax possible for any web submission forms like e-Sugam and eWayBill (Add-on).
  • Batch wise delivery confirmation can be accommodate to verify the delivery status.
  • Reduce training cost with, Support materials via online forum for all users.
  • Easy Deployment - 24hours from the purchase order date.
  • Very less system resource usage using distributed software architecture.
  • Best-in class remote support assures the maximum uptime.
  • Multiple price entry can be defined for any customer for different site & recipe.
  • Duplication is avoided in all stages and records.
  • Definable VAT, Excise, ED-CESS, H.ED.CESS / Tax Exemption Entries for any Special Economic Zone (SEZ) customers.
  • Reverse calculation from the customer Price using factor is possible in addition to forward calculations.
  • Able to add Rate expiry dates if there any pre-announced change.
  • Diversion of the product can be accounted easily.
  • Multiple free materials entry can define for any order.
  • Can define Pump / Labor Charges / any other changes for any order, the same will included in the first Invoice.
  • Multiple numbers of copies, For Customer / Office / Accounts & Proof.
  • Functionality of Biller can be extended greatly with Credit Control & Scheduling Module.
  • Scheduled emailing of multiple reports is possible with SMTP configuration.
  • Configurable Recipient List for email reports to various Departments (Sales/R.G.23/Consumption /Custom ERP Reports etc.)
  • User Authentication for defining product rate, Avoiding Error in rate entry.
  • Invoice Number is irrelevant to Auto / Manual Batching. It is Auto Incremental.
  • Admin can change the Sequence of Invoice Number, Still cannot duplicate.
  • Batch & Invoice Numbers could not be altered at any case while editing / diverting.
  • Can be use as Excise Invoice cum Deliver Chelan with all technical details.
  • Alerts can configure via E-Mail / SMS using responsible gateways.
  • Mechanism to verify database authenticity along with error recovery, data & database can't be manipulated.
  • Automatic printing of tax invoice immediate after completion of batch.
  • Able to generate month-wise RG.23 / Day-wise Sales / Day-wise cumulative production reports.
  • Can generate consolidate invoice for any customer order-wise.
  • No data entry work for the operator, import directly from/to EEiL Biller.
  • Keep record of each Printed Invoice, for future reference.
  • Can able to edit / divert the invoices, with Original Invoice record protected in a separate archived vault.
  • Compatible for WinCC / CommandAlkon / IDS Batching softwares.
  • With LaserJet, complete bill printing is possible in a blank sheet (or) Customizable for preprint stationary with dot matrix printer.
  • Can install in any computer in a network with access to batching system.
  • Can use Local / Network printer.
  • Designed to work with Old Computers supplied with the Batching plants. (Windows XP Compatible)
  • Data can be backed up automatically using backup scheduler.
  • Flexible Navigation and easy search functions, while searching old records.
  • Data backup can be configuring for any remote server via SMTP, Preventing data loss.
  • Consumption report will give resource usage of all Invoiced Batches.
  • Able to alert user about various daily statistics like production / consumption etc..
  • Alerts can be triggered if any job not has Rate entry.
  • Using SMS alerts, keep inform the customers thus reduces resource locking period.
There are lot more features that we haven't discussed here. Call for a trial to explore it.
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