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How does it works?

Smof is working in client server computing model.
How does smof work? Server consist of UI (user interface) engine, Custom Application that created for the purpose of client's unique requirements and Smof core engine that drives data flow as well as contains all core functionalities. Data connecting layer is to provide data integrity between various types of database spread across multiple servers. Client has to provide the database details to inform the server where to search for the database for the particular user who is trying to connect. There are two options; Client can use their own database - where all the responsibility of data lies to them. Also they can use EEiL's database - Facilitated with redundant and secure data backup. Data will be backuped for every 24hours.

Screen shots:

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  • Our analyst can put your ideas on work.
  • There is live demo hosted.
  • You can directly call the responsible sales person on +91 9036410544 or
    +91 9036132805
    Or through email at

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