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Payment policy:

  1. Modes of Payment & Communication:
    1. Payment for services is due at the time the services are rendered. We accept DD, cheques, money-orders and bank transfers.
    2. Payment modes can be found here: Payment Modes
    3. Invoices are sent out by email. There is no snail mail billing system.
  2. Failed-Payments - Penalties:
    Payments not made within the time frame will be considered as Failed Payment.
    1. Returned cheques will be charged INR.750 handling fee.
    2. Balances over 30 days will be subject to interest charges of 24% per annum of the total billed amount or minimum charge of INR.150 whichever is higher will be levied.
    3. Any claims from beneficiaries for any support / product-warranty shall be considered as payable service, in this period
    4. Balances pending over 90 days will be subject to discontinuation / deactivation of service with notice.
  3. Service / Contract Renewal Process:
    1. Invoice generate and shared 15 days prior to the expiry.
    2. Intimation mails will be sent on 1st, 5th, 10th, 13th, 14th days of the invoice. After service expiry user will be intimated every 5 day till the service closure.
    3. The licenses of the rendered services will get expire if the invoices not paid within the due date.
    4. After expiry of the service every 3rd day user will get intimated till service closure.
  4. Payment Terms:
    1. Transactions with a value of less than or equal to INR.5000 full payment is due in advance of work commencing. Projects with a value of more than INR.5000 may be paid in two amounts; half in advance of work commencing and half when the project is substantially complete.
    2. All prices are in Indian Rupees.
    3. Projects on behalf of foreign clients are gladly accepted, however please contact us first regarding acceptable payment methods. They will vary depending on your location.
    4. All payments, both India and foreign, are non-refundable, so be sure you completely understand the nature of any project before you made commitments.
If you have any questions concerning your account, please contact us for an explanation.
Whenever you are ordering for any type of product/service with you are confirming that you have read the above payment policy and agree to and accept it.

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